Explore a strange and mechanical place deep underground

You are digging deep underground. Your task is to scan for seismic activity and send it back to the above. Unexpectedly, your contact with the surface cuts out and you are left digging for eternity. Eventually things go dark and you're running out of power... is this where it ends? Suddenly you awaken in a strange new body, as you must have been recovered somehow. Strange thing is, the entire facility you're in is vacant, and you're definitely not on the surface.

• Every shot counts, spend your resources wisely as everything you use is gone forever.• What lurks in the darkness may destroy you, sometimes the best choice is to run.• Multiple ways to navigate the world leading to different upgrades and capability.• Solve small puzzles and obstacles along the way.• Discover and collect artifacts that reveal more about the obscured history.

About Shweep Games

Shweep is a game developer from the east coast of Canada (where all the lighthouses and lobsters live). Growing up on cyberpunk anime VHS tapes and Diet Dr. Pepper, he has been making games for over 20 years and doesn't know when that'll stop. Shweep works as an animator by day, and pursues his passion projects by night. He has a cat named Shodan.

Promotional art by DNKhamida and GNRTNMART

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